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The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is one of the most important measures in corporate finance. According to Wikipedia

The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is the rate that a company is expected to pay on average to all its security holders to finance its assets.

However, actually CALCULATING a firm's WACC requires that you know a firm's cost of debt (rD), corporate tax rate (Tc), total Debt and Equity, as well as the firm's cost of equity (rE) - which in turn requires that you know a firm's Beta (β) and the risk-free (rf) and market return (rM) rates. Whew!

Fortunately, the WACC calculator at That's WACC does all the hard work for you. Enter a stock ticker symbol for any public company, and That's WACC pulls back 3 years of Income Statements and Balance sheet data to calculate Tax Rates, Debt, and Interest payments for the firm. We pull the firm's current market cap and Beta, and plug everything through the WACCULATOR ™ to get the firm's WACC.

And after we show you the raw figures we use to calculate WACC, we let you plug in your own numbers for key inputs to let you truly make the WACC your own.

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